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The Ikat is the authentic Mallorcan fabric, which is manufactured following a millennial technique, known in its countries of origin as Ikat or Ikkat, and that travelled from east to the Mediterranean through the Silk Road and then to Mallorca

For the production of the fabrics, only natural raw materials (70% cotton and 30% linen) are used in order to obtain fabrics that stand out for its durability and versatility.

We do have a large variety of fabrics and designs from all small manufacturers available, make cushions, curtains and upholstery for chairs, sofas, benches etc.

Do not hesitate to ask for a quote.

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Fabrics - Cushions - Upholstery - Mallorcan IKATS

Cojines Lenguas Mallorquinas

Cushions made with Mallorcan IKAT All...

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Tapizados Lengua Mallorqina

Upholstery, curtains, table coth etc....

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